• Bernadette Bruckner

    MA health management

    PhD studies & research health communication/language science

    MA studies neuro-, psycho- & clinical linguistics

    Intuitive expert in holistic health &

    business mentoring.nutritionist.

    program tool/method designer 8.0

    bestselling author.intern. speaker.
    innovator.profiler.holistic health researcher.

    soul & body whisperer.


  • About Bernadette.intuitive.

    Strive for simplicity. Deliver sophistication. Listen to her own intuition! 100% only!

    Intuition. intuitio [lat.] = to contemplate | intueri [lat. old] = to consider, to know, to perceive


    Intuition is the ability to acquire knowledge without proof, evidence, or conscious reasoning, or without understanding how the knowledge was acquired. It is also called "second brain, gut brain!". Ranging from direct access to unconscious knowledge, unconscious cognition, inner sensing, inner insight to unconscious pattern-recognition and the ability to understand something instinctively, without the need for conscious reasoning [wiki def.]


    Through training and "re-membering" what we know, we can use our intuition in our daily living, business and for our health. Children have this ability till we "re-teach" them using more the brain than our full body intelligence resp. intuition.


    How can we use successfully our intuition and from our clients in coachings and/or therapy to have deeper and more lasting outcomes?


    I am a high-sensitive intuitive scanner personality, who were struggeling since childhood what I perceived, felt, heard and knew. Therefore I was searching who and how can help me handling everything what I perceived: I took courses over courses over courses till I found out one thing: listen to my (higher) self, my gifts, my intuition was the biggest AHA-moment for me and I created (like Vera Birkenbihl) my own coaching-/therapy form called


    Intuitive Coaching: simply.effective.life-changing.


    You find more about me here: www.health-in-all.com


  • What is the intuitive Coaching style?

    A colourful mixture of old/known methods, alternative approaches and new scientific insides creating new resilience methods to remind everyone listen to themselves (again).

    No matter what. Nothing else matters.

    New easy ready-to-use tools with scientific background knowledge of communication & language science, neuro science/neuro plasticity and psycho-, neuro linguistics as well quantum physics.

    Advanced NLP with intuition

    The design inspiration can come from an observation of what's missing from a client's current collection or a simple UI problem.

    resilience tools


    We'll make small scale models to test out an idea and then build out a full-size prototype to look at the scale and proportion.

    re-membering own potential

    We work through several rounds of production samples to refine and tweak - until we get to the final product.

  • What I offer

    Using our own body intelligence and intuition opens up a whole new world of possibilities

    of what you actually know and use for your living! Why not use it also in business as well?

    Intuitive Coaching for living challenges

    Resilience methods which are simple.effective.life-changing.


    Intuitive Business Coaching and Consulting

    Rocking your business with your own intuition and from your team!


    Intuitive supervisions for coaches

    Intuitive nurturing supervision for coaches and therapist getting new insides in their work with clients


  • Coaching or Therapy?


    Coach is a person guiding through their topic as they (in Austria at legal definition) only allowed to work with healthy people. Supporting a learner and client to reach a certain goal they set with the coach. Different topics/challenges in business, daily living requires a different coach who is an expert in their field.


    Use a text section to describe your values, show more info, summarize a topic, or tell a story. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit, sed diam nonummy nibh euismod tincidunt ut laoreet dolore.

    What is special about my "intuitive style"?

    You can use the "intuitive style" for both: coaching and therapy as the resilience methods are beyond the definition if it's a coaching or therapy. Due the huge amount of resilience tools we can use in the situation what is NOW free of definition if it is a coaching or therapy!

  • Inspiring Team members

    Without the passion of a great team, nothing can happen!

    Soon to be announced!


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    Soon to be announced!

    Courage inspiration, shaman

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  • Inspirations

    Every idea, method, project has inspiring mentors and BEings who bring your vision alive! Mine are many and I want to thank everybody who inspired me BEing simply me.

    No matter what and nothing else matters!

  • Questions answered...

    Commonly asked tidbits what's coming up working with the intuitive coaching style

    Can I do that too listening to my intuition and trust?


    Can i use it for therapy as well?


    I can't do that when you are not around? What is wrong with me?


    Is it difficult learning your methods?


    Is it difficult using them in my work with clients?


    I don't feel anything nor perceiving something? What do I wrong?


  • Come as you are... BE simply you as you!

    Love hearing and reading from you!

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